Acupuncture for Weight Loss

How Chiropractic Care And Acupuncture Can Ease Your Headaches

Acupuncture Hoboken NJ

Acupuncture was first used in traditional Chinese medicine; now, it is used across the world to treat a variety of ailments. In addition to diet and exercise, acupuncture for weight loss is an effective supplement to your health regimen.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

No matter why you’re seeing an acupuncturist, your visit will start the same way: You will fill out an extensive health history form. Your acupuncturist will go over this with you in detail, and then give you a short examination which will include examining your tongue. According to traditional Chinese medicine, your tongue directs your acupuncturist to the trouble areas within your body.

Next, your acupuncturist will use needles that are the width of a hair, inserting them into specific areas of your body to address your ailment. The needles are painless when inserted and generally stay in place for about a half an hour or so. Typically, you will need to make follow up visits once or twice a week for a prescribed number of weeks to see the highest results.

How Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acupuncture helps to balance your chi or the energy that flows through your body. If you have blockages in your chi, it can result in many different health issues, inhibiting weight loss.

By placing the acupuncture needles on specific points, your acupuncturist seeks to lower your stress, increase your metabolism, and reduce your appetite. Some acupuncturists use magnets that you take with you and keep on a certain spot on your ear in order to keep your appetite reduced for a  longer period of time after your session.

Electroacupuncture can also be utilized for weight loss by stimulating your muscles. The acupuncture needles are inserted in the same way as normal acupuncture, but they are attached to a machine that sends small electric pulses through the needle into your body to stimulate the area further.

Is Acupuncture For Weight Loss Safe?

Any acupuncture performed by a fully trained and qualified acupuncturist is safe with relatively few risks involved. You should be sure that your acupuncturist is licensed in your state and check reviews on their services. The use of sterile, single-use needles is important for reducing the risk of infection. Acupuncture is not for everyone. If you have a bleeding disorder, are pregnant, or have certain medical devices, you likely should not use acupuncture or electroacupuncture.

The only side effects of acupuncture should be slight bruising and/or soreness. Anything more than that can mean your acupuncture was not performed the correct way; you may need to see a new acupuncturist.

Remember that it is always best to speak with a professional when choosing to use acupuncture for weight loss. The knowledgable doctors at Hoboken Integrated Health Services are happy to go over your options for using acupuncture for weight loss and other ailments. Fill out this form today to set up your appointment.


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