Arm and Leg Pain Specialist Questions and Answers

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Arm and Leg Pain Specialist Questions and Answers
Arm and Leg Pain Specialist Questions and Answers

Which doctor is best for leg pain?

There are many different doctors and specialists that can address leg pain. An orthopedic surgeon, or an orthopedic specialist, is trained in medical issues and conditions in the hip and leg area, and usually performs surgeries related to this area. A podiatrist (the practitioner will have the title DPM, or doctor of podiatric medicine), can also address leg pain, as they are specialists in the foot, ankle, and leg-related health issues and concerns. You can also seek out a sports medicine specialist, which may be a better option if your leg pain is related to an injury, as these specialists tend to be trained in injury-specific pain and recovery.

A physiotherapist or physical therapist, while not considered a physician, can also be an excellent option for caring for your leg pain. A physical therapist can help you identify triggers or issues in your lifestyle that may be contributing to your leg pain, and help you find out how to diminish or mitigate them. They can also provide things like massages, movement-related therapy, and give you information about further treatment options. At Hoboken Integrated Healthcare, we have trained therapists on staff that can help treat and manage your leg pain.

Which doctor is best for arm pain?

Arm pain can be related to many different issues and health concerns or conditions, so the doctor or specialist you see may depend on that. There are various potential causes of arm pain, including:

  • A sports-related injury or accident, such as a car accident that involved a break or fracture of the bones in your arm
  • Pinched nerves
  • Tendonitis, a common condition when your tendons become inflamed. It can cause bruising, swelling, and tenderness, and can range in severity
  • An injury to the rotator cuff, which can happen often to those who do overhead activity with their arms frequently, such as baseball pitchers or painters
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, which can cause swelling and pain in your joints, including the ones in your arms

Sometimes, arm pain can indicate a more serious health issue, such as heart problems, or the potential onset of a heart attack. In this case, you will need emergency care immediately.

Since there are so many potential causes of arm pain, you may need to see different specialists depending on the cause. For an accident-related injury or break, you may need to see a surgeon, for example, whereas for arthritis, you may see an orthopedist or a rheumatologist. However, for many people, when the cause of your arm pain has to do with repetitive strain, a physical therapist is a good option. At Hoboken Integrated Healthcare, we have a specialized team of physical therapists that can help you identify the cause of your arm pain, and recommend and administer the right course of treatment.

What can I do to further prevent arm & leg pain?

This will depend on the cause of your arm and leg pain, and the advice of your specialist. The outcome of your treatment may depend on how well you adhere to the advice of the specialist, so it’s important to follow their advice. In general, it may be best to avoid or diminish the activity that caused or aggravates the pain, such as vigorous exercise. You may need to change the way you sit, the types of exercises you do, or the types of shoes you wear, if your pain has to do with lack of proper support. At Hoboken Integrated Healthcare, we are here to help you treat and manage your leg and arm pain, and we can help you adjust your lifestyle to manage your pain in a way that works best for you.