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Migraine Specialist in Hoboken, NJ

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Migraine Specialist Near Me in Hoboken, NJ

Migraine Specialist Near Me in Hoboken, NJ

Table of Contents:

What can you do for severe migraines?
Which doctor will treat migraines?
What causes a migraine?

Migraines are a common ailment, brought on by a whole host of causes. Migraines are like severe headaches and cause extreme discomfort in all who suffer from them. While most migraines are one-off situations, some people deal with chronic and reoccurring migraines. In these situations, it is important to see a specialist find relief.

What can you do for severe migraines?

Although there is no specific cure for migraine headaches, treating symptoms can be very effective in relieving pain. The main goal here is to treat migraine symptoms right away and to prevent symptoms by avoiding or changing your triggers.

A key step is learning how to manage your migraines at home. Keeping a diary for your headache can help you identify your headache triggers. Then you and your provider can plan how to avoid these triggers.

Lifestyle changes include:

• Better sleep habits, such as getting enough sleep and going to bed at the same time each night
• Better eating habits, including not skipping meals and avoiding your food triggers
• Managing stress 
• Losing weight, if you’re overweight

Which doctor will treat migraines?

Doctors that specialize in treating migraines are called neurologists. Neurologists are doctors of the brain and can diagnose, treat, and take care of conditions affecting the brain.  If you have severe headaches or migraines that are disrupting your life, it might be a good idea to see a neurologist. Consider making an appointment with a neurologist if:

• Your headache is continuous for more than a day or two
• Your headaches tend to come on suddenly
• Your head pain is worsened by straining
• Your headaches start early in the morning
• You’re experiencing changes in vision
• You’ve had a seizure along with your headaches

What causes a migraine?

Although migraines are quite common, their exact cause is unknown. It is likely that the visual aura is related to a phenomenon called “cortical spreading depression,” which has a temporary effect on the electrical impulses in the brain. The pain of a migraine headache most likely relates to a spasm or irritability of the blood vessels in the brain, which are sensitive to pain, unlike brain tissues, which do not have pain receptors. Beyond these hypotheses, however, the exact mechanism that triggers a migraine remains unknown.

It is often possible to identify certain risk factors that increase the chance of having migraines. Positive family history is very common, so the doctor will often ask about headaches in one’s parents or siblings. Overall, migraines are more common in women than in men. Additionally, the hormonal status of a person can affect the pattern of migraines they experience. For that reason, it is normal for a woman to notice a change in headaches and other symptoms during puberty or around the time of menopause.

Many individuals can recognize certain triggers for their migraines. These triggers include fatigue, missing a meal or going long periods without food, caffeine withdrawal, stress, and certain foods (including red wine, chocolate, or aged cheese). For many patients with isolated visual migraines, the events can be seldom and with no specific trigger easily discernible.

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