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Top Rated Chiropractor in Hoboken, NJ

Are you looking for top rated chiropractor? Read on and find out about how our experienced and top rated chiropractors at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare Center can help! Call us now or request an appointment today! We are conveniently located at 90 Hudson St Hoboken, NJ 07030.

Top Rated Chiropractor Near Me in Hoboken, NJ
Top Rated Chiropractor Near Me in Hoboken, NJ

How do I find the best chiropractor?

Finding the right chiropractor can be a difficult process, as you look to find someone with the ability to fully address your various health concerns while offering holistic treatment options. At Hoboken Integrated Healthcare, our clinic director is renowned chiropractor Dr. Joseph Canova, and he has more than three decades of experience. Dr. Canova is a chiropractic physician who can help treat and manage a variety of issues, from stress to injuries to infertility and more.

What services do chiropractors offer?

Many people think of a chiropractor as being someone you visit to simply get your back adjusted. The truth of the matter is this: chiropractors offer much more than an adjustment. Their depth of knowledge is essential for anyone in need of pain relief, treatment for chronic conditions, or help at any stage of a persistent health concern.

While adjustments related to chronic pain and injury are among the main services chiropractors offer, our chiropractor at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare goes above and beyond for all patients. Dr. Canova helps many patients with infertility issues, pain, and discomfort during pregnancy, tendonitis, sciatica, neck pain, chronic headaches, arthritis, or lingering pain and issues from auto or sports-related injuries.

What type of conditions can chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors can play an integral part in helping patients with conditions that one would not expect. An example of this is helping patients with infertility issues. While many women struggling with infertility may seek out endocrinologists, obstetricians, or other fertility specialists, they may not realize that a chiropractor can be a helpful addition to the team of healthcare professionals who are remedying this issue. Chiropractors understand that issues with the spine can impact the nervous system, which can ultimately impact the body’s natural balance and functions. Many women have spinal issues of which they may be unaware, and the conditions associated can cause reproductive issues.

This is just one example of how chiropractors can be essential for helping in treating and managing health issues. Dr. Joseph Canova has more than three decades of experience, and he can address and treat a multitude of conditions, such as chronic headaches, sciatica, arthritis, tendonitis, and injury-related issues. If you’re wondering how our chiropractic services may be the solution for your pain, feel free to contact us today.

What are the most common modalities used by chiropractors?

Simply stated, modalities refer to the types of treatments and interventions that chiropractors most often use. Chiropractors employ many different modalities to help treat and manage conditions and to help patients feel their best. Therapeutic exercise and specific stretches may be recommended by your chiropractor, as a way to help strengthen certain areas of your body to help relieve specific issues. Ultrasounds, in the form of deep heat therapy created by the sound waves, may also be used to reduce swelling, pain, and back spasms. Hot and cold therapy is also often used by chiropractors. This can all be in conjunction with physical movements, like massage or soft tissue mobilization, as a way to help relieve pain and create beneficial impacts on various parts of the body.

At Hoboken Integrated Healthcare Center, we offer quality chiropractic services in Hoboken NJ. We are located at 90 Hudson St Hoboken, NJ 07030. Please give us a call or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Hoboken NJ, Jersey City NJ, Union City NJ, Secaucus NJ, Newark NJ, and North Bergen NJ.