Patient Testimonials


"I’ve always been very skeptical about going to a chiropractor for neck issues, because quite frankly, those “cracking” noises when they adjust you really scare me. As an absolute last resort after spending two days with barely any range of motion and severe pain while sleeping I finally decided I would see what it was all about. I made everyone aware of my apprehensions and they where all very willing and able to accommodate my requests. Shockingly they were also able to make me comfortable enough to allow them to do an adjustment/adjustments. After six sessions I have almost zero pain and have 90% range of motion back. The staff is all very knowledgeable and friendly. It seems like a time consuming process but at least you’re spending time with friendly people in a happy office environment!"

- Morgan P.

"I started going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare many, many years ago when Dr. Canova was just starting out on Washington Street in Hoboken. I remember that Dr. Canova and his staff were personable, professional, knowledgeable, efficient and caring. I can tell you that even after all these years, my experience is still the same. I'm still a happy and healthy customer. Being a performer, I've periodically needed adjustments for my neck, shoulders and back. I can honestly tell you that Dr. Canova and his insight had a lot to do with saving my career. I don't really write reviews much, but in this case, I find that I must share the good news with others. If you're on the fence, give Dr. Canova and the Hoboken Integrated Healthcare staff a try. All the best to you."

- Gary T.

"Dr Canova and all of his team have been excellent taking time to listen to my issues, explaining the entire process and steps in the assessment through to treatment options. I have felt supported throughout and whilst the initial issues have resolved, I have a long term plan in place to ensure full recovery and ongoing management. An extremely friendly and helpful team and I will recommend anyone to go here."

- Anna M.

"I've had such a positive experience at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. They are very committed to a holistic approach and using their entire team to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. They've worked with my insurance and are easy to make appointments with. The staff is friendly, attentive, and enjoyable to be around. I'm so glad I found them!"

- Maggie L.

"Dr C and the staff are the friendliest, nicest people I've encountered in a doctors office. Totally flexible scheduling and they really care about your progress. I have been going for 4 months and my back is 80% better than it's been in quite some time. I am so happy with this office and thankful they work with me so that I can get the best care."

- Alexandra J.

"I've been going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for many years now. Dr. Canova is the best when it comes to chiropractic. Darwin and the other physical therapists are very professional and courteous, and Carol at reception is very pleasant and helpful with scheduling appointments. All in all a very nice, convenient with a great staff."

- Debra A.

"I have had a great experience with Dr Canova and staff. I feel very comfortable and welcome in the office and it is a warm environment for back-pain healing. I also really enjoy the acupuncture procedure which is offered in addition to the regular chiropractic services. 100% would recommend."

- Amine J.

"I am a personal trainer. I have been to a couple chiropractors and physical therapists. This is hands down the best and most polite office I have been to. The chiropractor is great with relieve pain and explains everything you need to know and why he is doing whatever adjusting he is doing."

- Aris M.


"This was my first exposure to physical therapy, so I really didn't know what to expect. However, the whole team have been amazing and super supportive in getting me back on the golf course. They are very accommodating when it comes to my challenging schedule, along with encouraging a good mix of professional and relaxed atmosphere, that reduces my stress level as soon as I walk in. The comprehensive array of services means they can consistently adjust to your needs as your recovery progresses."

- Helene R.

"Hoboken Integrated HealthCare has helped me recuperate from my injuries. Their techniques decreased my pain and helped me regain mobility in my back and shoulder. The quality of human beings that work at this place makes this place the place to go- The professionalism and medical techniques done with the great caring, plus the fact that no other place has approached my well being therapy as they have is why they are a 5 stars and highly recommend."

- Jhon S.

"Don’t let the small size of this facility fool you; this is by far the BEST PT facility in Hoboken. I’ve noticed significant improvements from my care and feel so much better than when I first walked in. This is not your run of the mill, cookie cutter type clinic that will throw the typical exercises at you. If you’re looking for a great clinic with an awesome atmosphere, look no further. You will be very happy with your experience here."

- Ronak P.

"I've been coming to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for several months now and very much like the staff. Carol at the front desk always accommodates my schedule and Darwin and the other PT staff have been very helpful in the recovery of my back issues."

- Kwabea O.

"Great team of Doctors and therapists who always welcome you in and have helped me get to pain free and back in the gym doing the things I love. Always accommodating and listen to you and tailor your treatment to specifically address your concerns and take time to explain what course of treatment they are recommending and why which was important to me. I highly recommend the team."

- Anna M. 

"I've been going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare on & off since September 2018 for what was initially a herniated disc. The staff here is fantastic! When I first came in I could barely stand up straight but after a couple weeks I was back to all normal activities. I can't thank the staff enough for getting me back on my feet - I'd recommend HIH to anyone!"

- John C.

"This place is amazing! The acupuncture is great and peaceful, Chiropractor really gets what you need done. The Physical therapist are great and Carol is amazing I love this place they they're amazing social and never has you sitting around. You should really come it's great."

- Brittany R.

"I highly recommend this place. Everyone is super friendly and professional. I've been going there for about a month now and my back pain is basically gone. Best decision ever."

- Kinga N.


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