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Hoboken Integrated Healthcare LLC
Hoboken Integrated Healthcare LLC

Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had severe back and shoulder pain for approximately three week prior to starting chiropractic care at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. My pain was totally eliminated and it was an overall excellent experience."
- Jennifer W.

"I had pain in my back and neck as well as tightening and stiffness in my upper/ mid back. With physical therapy at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare I am now more flexible than before and have less stiffness in my back and neck. I would recommend this office to others 5/5."
- Elizabeth H.

"I was in a car accident and had back pain, neck pain and hand pain when I first went to Hoboken Integrated. I am now feeling much better and feel as if I have the support team with Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. I’ve recommended the office to my friends. I love y’all!"
- Brook H.

"I was in severe back pain for two months from running. I found out that my SI joint was out. I had physical therapy and chiropractic treatments and I am a new man. Hoboken Integrated is a good place! Great people make the difference."
- James S.

"I had fairly severe mid and upper back pain when I first went to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. I now have much less pain and am confident that it will continue to improve my quality of life. Keep up the great work!"
- Mark R.

"I had BAD migranes for fifteen years prior to going to Hoboken Integrated. I now have no more migranes at all! Just some very mild headaches , almost never. Dr. Nussbaum is the best! He has awesome headache killing powers.. Evie at the front desk is the sweetest too!"
- Erica E.

"I was in an accident where we were hit by a van and I was in moderate pain as a result for three months. I did chiropractic treatment at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare and although there are more rules to follow, I feel much better when I follow them. The staff is delightful."
- Megan C.

"From the moment I walk in, everyone is incredible. I came because of my neck, not only do I feel 100% better, but I haven’t had a single migraine. Coming here makes a huge difference and I feel better physically and emotionally. Hoboken Integrated Healthcare is a place that incorporates everything – from adjustments to exercises to improve your well-being. The combination of this practice has made me walk away feeling stronger and better. Thank you!"
- Kitty L.

"Extremely satisfied with the office overall. I was experiencing severe neck aches and was referred by a friend who was currently a patient. The doctor did a great job at explaining the problem and how it could be fixed. I’ve not experienced severe pain ever since I started treatment. I’m very satisfied with the treatment, and I love the staff."
- Anh N.

"I came to Hoboken Integrated because of lower back pain and shoulder strain. I didn’t do much before coming here, just “dealt” with it or got massages. I’ve been coming for four weeks, getting adjusted and working with physical therapists. Results have been excellent with increased back, neck, arm and shoulder movement, better posture, etc… the results have been tremendous."
- Chandar P.

"I hurt my back and was in extreme pain and very immobile. I came to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare because after going to the hospital I realized that the pain wasn’t going to stop from just pain pills and ice. Everybody was very nice and helpful. My treatment included medicine, physical therapy, adjustments and decompression. The results were gradual but now I am almost pain free. Doctors told me time will finish my healing. I am very pleased with the results."
- Frank D.

"I came to be treated for injuries from a car accident. I was 6 ½ weeks pregnant and unable to have x-rays, an MRI or any kind of pain killers. My physical therapist at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare was familiar with prenatal care and was able to see me right away. She welcomed me with smiles and kindness and was sensitive to my situation. She educated me about how to function while dealing with my pain."
- Maureen A.

"After an analysis by Hoboken Integrated Healthcare I was put on a regimen of physical therapy and chiropractic which brought about my return to health with no shoulder pain."
- Bruce S.

"The environment here is warm and friendly. My physical therapist is very knowledgeable and always answers any questions I have regarding my condition. I have increased strength and flexibility. Everyone makes the sessions here enjoyable. I especially love the family environment. I have referred my friends here, so that just confirms how great I think this office is! Thanks for everything!"
- Rebecca G.

"I am very impressed with the mission at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. The combination of medical doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors is a very nice way to be treated as a patient. All the patients needs are met in one facility which is very helpful and time saving."
- Christopher B.

"Daily neck and pain that grew into shoulder pain and numb fingers is what brought me to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. After review of my MRI it was determined that I needed spinal decompression therapy. After a few treatments the pain eased and now, six weeks later, I am pain free. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from daily neck or back pain."
- Nick I.

"I hurt my back and ended up with a bulging disk. I walked in and started my treatments. Dr. Toby and Dr. Joe are terrific chiropractors and are always willing to answer my questions. I started with chiropractic adjustments, consulted with Dr. Salmon and did several physical therapy treatments. All highly recommended. The set-up of the office with all facilities on the premises makes it easier for patients. Convenience is key. My disk problem is under control and that to me, is most important."
- Valerie S.

"I came to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare because I injured my neck and shoulder from over-training for a triathlon. I really like the idea of chiropractic, physical therapy and an M.D. all together. My progress has moved very quickly. I have been very happy with the treatment and I really like all the staff! I will definitely continue to come back for preventive maintenance."
- Robin C.

"My experience here has been nothing but fantastic. The staff is very friendly and professional, and the treatment I have received, both chiropractic and physical therapy, has been top notch. My results have been excellent. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service I have received and would refer others here without hesitation."
- Stephen P.

"I received chiropractic treatment and physical therapy and I was pain free in very little time!"
- Cindy C.

"The staff is very welcoming and makes you feel at ease the moment you walk through the door. My physical therapist was absolutely wonderful and showed great concern for my injury but more so for the care and treatment of my injury. This was a very good choice for me."
- Julie F.

"I had neck pain and stiffness and I received chiropractic treatment and physical therapy. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and my neck is 100% now."
- Allison H.

"I had acute lower back pain. The physical therapy and the chiropractic treatment has brought back normalcy to my life. Earlier I could not stand for over 15 minutes without feeling the pain. Now, that’s history. Regular stretching exercises and monthly chiropractic treatment are now the norm for me. I feel good!"
- Ashish M.

"I’ve been having back problems my whole life. Hoboken Integrated’s staff and doctors have been very helpful. I can recall a carpenter job I did when I hurt myself real bad, to the point I crawled into the office. After treatment I was able to walk out of the office. The staff has been very kind, fun and very, very helpful. I can’t explain how grateful I am for that kind of service. Thanks."
- Charles T.

"The professional follow-ups and treatment have been excellent. My physical progress is monitored and communicated in a clear and understandable fashion. I appreciate the excellent approach to good service demonstrated by all the staff."
- Sean D.

"Well, I was about 13 years old. I had been playing football and doing a lot of things. I carried a heavy object and my back and neck had been hurting. Then I came here where the doctors were nice and courteous. It does a lot of good when I come here. Well, now I feel better."
- Daniel C.

"I am an epileptic. I came here after having the worst seizure that I had ever experienced. After realizing in my hospital bed, that I had no use of my left hand. I lay in bed recuperating from my seizure for three weeks. Meanwhile, I became more and more depressed. I only wanted to lay in bed. I hoped I would stay sick so that I could just lay there. My doctor told me I would need weeks of physical therapy. I didn’t want to go and I put it off for two weeks until my roommate pulled out the phone book. I called the first number I saw and they were rude. I called the second and they were nice, so I made an appointment. When I got to (Hoboken Integrated) the staff was very nice and I was glad I had chosen the right place. My wrist was still dropped and I did not expect it to come back fully. My therapist taught me all the exercises to do and told me that we had to work together day by day. Each week went by and as time passed I realized something that I never really had….they all really cared. As I made progress little by little they would smile and say how happy they were. They really meant it. It motivated me because of the true compassion they felt. Now, my hand is completely back. Something bigger though has happened. I am really trying to do what I want with my life. In the last five years I have never been so motivated to follow my real dreams. Life is full of tragedies, both small and big, but when you see people show just a small amount of love towards one another you realize that it is a beautiful and precious thing. Thank you to all the staff at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for fixing my hand. Thank you more for helping me see the greenest grass and the bluest sky!"
- Chris M.

"This integrated health office is truly a healing environment for both body and soul. It is apparent that this example of caring begins at the top. The team here is always professional, very enthusiastic and genuinely loves their work. Their dedication and integrity set a high standard. I believe that my progress ultimately is because of physical therapy… and I appreciate the support and dedication of all these people we make my days (face) better – one day at a time."
- Tara V.


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